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Pure and Beautiful Beeswax Candles
Harmony Embedded in Every Candle

My beeswax candle making craft originated with dissatisfaction using Google searches that led to frustration and poor candle results.  By engaging with a long-time artisan beeswax candle maker I learned first hand valuable steps to maintain the integrity of the pure beeswax.  This carefully crafted process creates candles that make your moments glow.

Katherine's Candle Making Journey

  • Sweet scent of honey

  • Satisfies our desire to gather around a fire

  • The flame's glow is similar in spectrum as the sun's light - just what we need during the long, dark days of winter

  • Purifies the air

  • Longer burning time

  • Minimal drips

  • No chemical processing required in pure beeswax

Benefits of



I queried my patients from my acupuncture practice on what word comes to mind when they light a Solidago Farm pure beeswax candle.

Purity, serenity and beauty were just a few of the replies.

My early morning Solidago Farm candle time, often with a little poetry or reflective reading is just the best - serenity!

Lisa B.

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