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The Bloom

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Honeybees visit the blooms of flowers to gather nectar and pollen as sustenance for the hive. So too can beeswax candles bloom.

Your beeswax candle has bloomed if you notice a white, frosty coating on the outside of your beeswax candle. The bloom is a component of the beeswax that rearranges itself and migrates to the surface of the wax. In essence, the beeswax candle produces its own special effect!

If your candle has bloomed and you prefer a smooth looking beeswax candle, then use a hair dryer or heat gun (kept at a distance of 12" away from candle) to gently warm the outside of the candle to melt away the bloom.

The bloomed Petite Pinecone is on the left, and the regular (unbloomed) Petite Pinecone is on the right.

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