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What is Caramel Honey?

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Caramel honey is a specialty product that is made by thousands of honey bees and the sun. Our caramel honey contains only raw honey that is caramelized by the sun during the process of separating the beeswax from the raw honey.

When honey is harvested from the hives, the wax cappings must be removed so the honey can be spun out of the comb. The cappings will contain some honey, and we use a solar wax melter to separate the honey from the beeswax.

The honey is caramelized in the process and bottled up in three sizes: the 1/2 pint size is a great gift size, especially when combined with one of our pure beeswax candles. The pint size is ideal for a bartender who makes their own simple syrups for cocktail creations. Caramel honey simple syrups are delicious with clear and amber spirits. The quart size is excellent for bakers who want to add a special something to their holiday baking.

The thrill of the fill. . .undulating deliciousness!

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