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A caress for your lips in six fun flavors: 


Pink Mint (peppermint & spearmint)

Kissed by a Beet (spearmint & sweet orange)

Ginger and MaryAnn (ginger & lemon)

Straight Up Fennel (fennel)

Cocoa Love Sweet Orange (cocoa & sweet orange)

Mix Tape (a combination of all of the flavors above)


Plantain-infused olive oil heals your lips while violet-infused olive oil keeps your lips moist.  Alkanet-infused sweet almond oil adds a deep rose color to the lip balm, but the result is a faint blush to your lips.


Contains:  alkenet-infused sweet almond oil, plantain-infused olive oil (to heal lips), violet-infused olive oil (to moisturize lips), local pure beeswax, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic coconut oil, essential oils (see above)


NET WT.  .14 OZ (4 G)

Lip Balm


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